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Common Names; Electrodermal testing, Bio-physical information therapy,

Bio-energetic therapy, Energy medicine, Vibrational medicine.

 Claim to both diagnose diseased internal organs and “normalize” the body’s electrical properties and wave emissions.

A variation known as electrodermal testing was developed as an aid in prescribing homeopathic remedies. New methods are evolving all the time, which move us closer to the goal of individualized treatment.

Bio-Resonance therapy is based on the claim that electromagnetic oscillations emitted by diseased organs and cells vary from those emitted by healthy cells due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage. We each have our own unique “vibration”, or oscillation. This oscillation can easily be measured with electronic equipment. When we are healthy, our bodies produce a smooth, regular oscillation. When the body is under stress, the pattern becomes irregular.

Treatments may which are said to carry currents that “alter the body’s electromagnetic circulatory system.” Electrodermal testing developed as an aid in prescribing homeopathic remedies; medicines are tested “to determine how well they resonate with the individual or how similar they are to the body frequencies needing enhancement to overcome an illness.”

Practitioners claim the wave emission from homeopathic medicines or allergens is measured through the device and is modulated through the patient’s autonomic nervous system, influencing skin resistance. No evidence supports any of these claims.

Bio-Resonance it does not involve the direct use of medicines.

“The patient’s energy usually has two paths:  The Physiological and the Pathological. The healthy, Physiological part comes from those organs and tissues, which are in order, and we can use the oscillations of these to strengthen the body.

Pathological part; The treatment of pathological oscillations is to return them back to the body in a modified form- in this case, as a mirror image. This action is based on the principle, as well known in physics.

Bio-Resonance Therapies has been tested and approved throughout Europe and Canada, and it is in use in 85 countries worldwide. In Germany, where it was developed has been in use for over 25 years, hundreds of thousands of patients have been helped for more than two decades.


The amazing Depulse + is an automated Bioresonance scanning device that works on the principles of Heart Rate Variability measures, which have much scientific research behind them. Wrist electrodes are used to pick up the pulse and the heart rate, and algorithms convert these to several measures regarding the energetic status of the Autonomic Nervous System.


  1. The Heart Rate Variability Measure
  2. Neurovegetative Function & Stress Indicators
  3. Psychosomatic & Brain Balance
  4. Immune Balance
  5. Biological Age & Energy Pyramid
  6. Function State of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract
  7. Functional Condition of all Physiological Systems
  8. Functionality of the Spinal Column
  9. Indicator of Functional Health
  10. Energy Aura in the Body
  11. The Chakra System
  12. The Meridians
  13. The U-Sin Meridian System
  14. Dynamics of Functional-Energetic Measures