Cynosure Elite+: A Trusted Name for Laser Hair Removal

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If you live with dark, unsightly hair in embarrassing spots, such as on your arms or back, or long to get rid of unwanted hair on other parts of your body, you have most likely tried a variety of measures to get rid of it yourself. Tweezing is time-consuming and just about as uncomfortable as threading and similar methods are. Waxing can leave your skin feeling raw, and shaving may make the hair grow back darker and thicker. Plus, all of these methods are only temporary fixes for a permanent problem. What you need is a permanent laser-based solution that is safe for your skin.

What is Cynosure Elite+?

Cynosure Elite+ is a unique laser treatment method that uses laser beams in a variety of wavelengths to allow it to treat all types of skin. Cynosure comes with a large workstation for your practitioner as well as a handheld device that will rest lightly on your skin during the treatment. The handheld device can treat many different sizes of skin areas while also cooling the skin throughout the treatment.

How Can Cynosure Elite+ Be Used?

Cynosure Elite+ is particularly well-known for its use in laser hair removal. Two different wavelengths are used throughout the procedure to treat hair on your face, body, arms and legs as well as around the bikini area.

However, the Elite+ can do much more than just this. It also treats a variety of skin conditions, especially those that are related to hyperpigmentation, such as redness and spider veins.

What Will Your Treatment Be Like?

You will need a series of treatments to experience the best results from your laser hair removal treatment. The number of treatments that you will need will depend on the area of the body being treated.

Prior to your treatment, we will rub a topical anesthetic ointment on your skin to improve your comfort. During the treatment, you will feel a snapping sensation on your skin as the laser goes to work. However, you should not experience any pain.

Laser Hair Removal Individualized for You

You will quickly find that there are many lasers on the market today that are specifically designed for hair removal. However, we will help you choose the right laser for your skin type and color. Cynosure Elite+ is particular good on darker skin tones.

Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative to living with dark, visible hair across your body and is a wonderful way to feel more beautiful overall. Rather than spending hours plucking, shaving, waxing or trimming hair every month, you can experience a permanent solution with one of our premiere hair removal lasers at NuVo Aesthetics. We offer several options, including the Cynosure Elite+, based on your unique needs, skin type and skin color. This is a safe treatment method that can save you from embarrassment and other time-consuming treatments that are not as effective. Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.