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Ear Candling: What Is It And Is It Effective?

ear candling at med spa

August 19, 2020

Cleaning your ear should be part of your overall hygiene. Often, people tend to forget about their ears until they start to have problems. Our ears can do self-cleaning and if you don’t clean your ears, it protects you from the dangers of over-cleaning. Yes, over-cleaning can harm your ears. However, basic hygiene is still important so it means you should get rid of dirt, dust, and water from your ears and remove excess wax too.

Cleaning your ears

Every person requires a different frequency when it comes to cleaning their ears. There are some factors that should be considered first. For example, if your ear produces a normal amount of earwax, which means you don’t experience problems with your ears at all, you don’t need to thoroughly clean your ears – a gentle wipe around the outside areas after every shower is enough. On the other hand, if your ear produces excessive earwax, a regular cleaning with a healthcare professional might be necessary. Your health care professional may also recommend some cleaning methods that you can use to reduce excessive earwax build up. One of the most popular ways to clean your ear is ear candling.

What is ear candling?

Earwax is not the most pleasant thing to look at but it is a way for your ear to protect itself. Earwax has several important jobs such as protecting and moisturizing the skin of the ear canal and fighting off infections that could hurt your ear canal. However, producing excessive earwax can allow it to build up which is not always good. When this occurs, it’s time to consider cleaning your ears to remove those excess ear waxes through ear candling. 

Ear candling is a process in which you use a candle made from hollow fabric cones soaked in wax or paraffin. They are around 10 inches long. You cut a hole in a paper plate and stick the candle into it. You need to do this in order to not hurt yourself with candle wax and ashes that might fall off on your face. You lie on your side while placing the candle in your ear canal. If you try this at home, ask someone you trust – a family member perhaps to light the opposite end. Let the candle burn for at least 15 minutes and repeat the process with the other ear. NuVo Aesthetics provides safe and effective ear candling services. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

Is ear candling effective?

Most people who have tried ear candling claim that as the candle burns, it pulls wax and debris from their ears through a seemingly low-level suction force. According to them, the candle melts and softens the ear wax, allowing the ear wax to fall off after a few days. When you are done, split the candle open – you should see the removed ear wax, bacteria, and other extracted particles. 

NuVo Aesthetics provides safe and effective ear candling services. Contact us in Fulton, MD, to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

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