What you put on your skin is incredibly important because it can affect how you feel about your looks, how your skin feels throughout the day, how your skin ages and how healthy your skin remains throughout the rest of your life. Using just any old bar of soap or lotion on your skin can make your skin dry, lead to acne and not protect against signs of aging. Over time, this can lead to visibly negative results on your skin, such as peeling, breakouts, lines or wrinkles.

Sun Protection

Not only are the everyday products that you choose for your skin care important, but also the way you choose to protect your skin from the sun is equally important. Daily sun care is vital to protect yourself from direct sunlight and even from ambient sunlight that you get from heading outside to get the mail, driving your car or sitting next to a window.


Benefits of EltaMD

When you choose EltaMD for your skin care and your sun care, you know that you are choosing premium products recommended by physicians and dermatologists across the country and that is even recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The sun care products provide broad-spectrum protection, meaning that they guard the skin against UVA and UVB rays to decrease both visible and invisible damage to your skin. Each product in the EltaMD sun care line is fragrance-free and paraben-free, making them perfect for health-conscious individuals as well as for those with sensitive skin. They use zinc oxide for a smooth feel that does not leave your skin looking chalky or white after applying the sunscreen.


EltaMD Sun Care

Facial sunscreen should be applied everyday with a dime-sized amount spread across your face, neck and ears. EltaMD options come in tinted and untinted varieties, making them perfect if you want to use them in place of your typical foundation. All come with SPF 30 or higher.

The EltaMD body sunscreens can also be used on the face when needed but are not designed for different skin types. Sport sunscreen is great for very active individuals who sweat or are in and out of the water. Other options include aerosol mists and sprays that are easy to spray on and rub into the skin.


EltaMD Skin Care

The EltaMD skin care line continues with the same great dedication to safety and efficacy. The Daily Regimen skin care line is good for people with all sorts of skin types who are looking for anti-aging skin care options. You can choose between the foaming facial cleanser and the deep pore cleanser. AM and PM lotions rehydrate the face and go to work even when you are busy thinking of daily details or resting at night. This line also includes options for moisturizing and repairing the skin on the hands and the full body.


If you are looking for a sun and skin care line that provides lasting results for your skin, EltaMD is certainly the wise choice.