IV Therapy with Myers’ Cocktail

IV Therapy
Envision the perfect day. You wake up, take your time getting ready for work, and arrive punctually. Your boss doesn’t gripe at you; your coworkers are all getting along; you eat the healthy lunch you packed this morning. You leave the office in enough time to get the children off of the bus and prepare a nourishing dinner. Everybody eats their vegetables and scurries off to bed the first time you tell them it’s time to lay down. Hubby washes the dishes and picks up any stray toys that are taking up space on your freshly vacuumed carpet. Doesn’t this sound great?

Unfortunately for most women, this is an unattainable dream. Most of us spend our days managing chaos–whether in the home or the workplace. We don’t have the time we need for self-care. This can lead to constant fatigue, out of control headaches, body pains, and a myriad of health problems that force us to pay high prices for medication. We cannot be expected to take care of others if we can’t ensure the consistency of our own health. Although NuVo Aesthetics is well known for our cosmetic treatments, we are, first and foremost, a healthcare facility. Our unique treatments will have you not only looking, but feeling, your best.

IV therapy is one such treatment that is gaining traction in medical communities across the country. Because a large percentage of our bodies are made up of water, using an IV is a quick and easy way to replenish lost fluids while simultaneously obtaining key nutrients. The Myers’ Cocktail, which is given intravenously, is a mixture that increases energy, relieves and lessens pain, and soothes the symptoms of several chronic health ailments. The cocktail contains a high dose of vitamins that most people don’t get enough of on a daily basis, such as: vitamin C, magnesium, various B vitamins, and calcium. The treatment only takes about 30 minutes and can be given as often as twice a week or every month or two. While traditional medical professionals may prescribe costly medicines that cause inconvenient side effects, the staff at NuVo Aesthetics relies on the vitamins and nutrients that nature provided in order to help our patients feel their best.

If you’re ready to kick those constant feelings of fatigue and sickness, consider a Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy treatment at NuVo Aesthetics. While you may think you don’t have time, this is a quick and easy treatment with lasting benefits. You will be more than happy that you gave it try. To get more information about IV therapy, set up an appointment with us today. After a consultation, our trained professionals will be able to recommend the right treatment for you.