Jan Marini CelluliTx combined with VelaShape

Women all over the world, of all shapes, weight, and fitness levels are fighting the battle against unsightly, stubborn cellulite. The most frustrating thing about cellulite is that it can even strike the most athletic and fit body types. In fact, cellulite affects up to 90% of the female population (and up to 10% of men) and has been virtually impossible to treat–until recently.

VelaShape for Cellulite Sufferers

Researchers have discovered new technology that has a big impact on diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Treatments like VelaShape, which use bi-polar radio frequencies and powerful infrared light, have been proven to dramatically decrease the bumps and dimples on cellulite problem areas, leaving smoother skin and a more streamlined shape. By safely super heating fat cells in targeted problem areas, VelaShape contours and shapes the body, providing a safe, painless solution to stubborn pockets of cellulite. Some women have reported a decrease in one whole dress size after just a single treatment. VelaShape is non-invasive, there is no downtime after treatment, and the treatment is fast and painless.


Topical Creams for Cellulite Treatment

While there are many topical creams on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, many are just a temporary fix. Why? They lack the right ingredients to target the factors that cause cellulite to appear–treating only the symptoms, and not the root cause. CelluliTx, from Jan Marini Skin Research, is a revolutionary new topical treatment that not only diminishes the appearance of existing cellulite but also treats the underlying causes for cellulite, including inflammation and fat cell expansion. CelluliTx increases circulation, helping shrink fat cells and pockets, it promotes the creation of collagen and elastin, and it reduces fluid that causes inflammation in the skin. The only way to achieve lasting results is to attack cellulite at its source.


A Powerful One-two Punch

With the proven results gained with innovative technology like VelaShape, and industry-changing topical treatments like CelluliTx, imagine the success achieved by combining the two treatments. By using VelaShape to contour and smooth your shape and CelluliTx to enhance your immediate and long-term results, women have an opportunity to take back their bodies and give cellulite the boot. Don’t settle for expensive treatments and creams that provide results for only hours (or sometimes minutes!). Take full advantage of the latest technology by combining two of the most powerful cellulite fighters available.


Anyone who has suffered from cellulite knows that it can change the way you dress, the activities you do and the way you feel about your appearance. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to anymore. Cellulite sufferers can fight back with VelaShape and CelluiTx to regain confidence in the way they look and feel and achieve results that last.