What Areas Can Juvederm Volbella and Voluma Treat?


As we age, the collagen and elastic produced by our skin begins to decrease. That means your skin isn’t as flexible or resilient as it used to be. In addition to this, the hyaluronic acid levels go down as well. Hyaluronic acid is the way your skin retains moisture, so as we age our skin becomes wrinkled, dry, and cracked. One of the best cosmetic treatments available for aging skin comes in the form of dermal fillers. Juvederm especially has created fillers that feature unique properties for different parts of the face. You can again enjoy the smooth, rejuvenated skin you used to have when you were younger.

Juvederm Volbella
This filler is specially formulated for treating the lips. Any filler that goes in the lips has to be smoother than silk and thin, so your lips can stay soft and supple while the filler erases fine lines. Volbella also adds volume to thin lips and it can even define the appearance of your lip edges. Whether you have naturally thin lips or if you have experienced a loss in volume over time, Volbella in the Juvederm collection is a great way to create natural-looking plump lips.

If you are treating vertical lip lines, adding volume to thin lips, or both, Volbella offers visible results up to one year after treatment. After the first year is up, additional treatments usually require less filler to achieve your desired results.

Juvederm Voluma
Aging typically affects every part of the face, which is why Juvederm also creates fillers for the cheeks. Just like the lips, our cheeks can suffer loss of volume as we age, which can make us appear older than we are. As our cheeks flatten our skin begins to sag, which is why a dermal filler is the perfect solution to this visible sign of aging. Our professionals can expertly apply Voluma to the cheek area in order to lift the sagging skin and contour your face for a naturally youthful look.

This filler lasts even longer than Volbella, with some patients reporting results lasting up to two years. Voluma is the only filler reported to achieve results like this. As the filler is reabsorbed into your body, touch-up treatments usually require less filler to give you the same look as your first treatment. Six months after the first treatment, some patients say they look five years younger, which is a dramatic improvement for most, as according to Juvederm

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Both of these fillers require minimally-invasive treatment to be effective, and they can be used in conjunction with each other as well as other injectable treatments such as Botox or Xeomin. Our professionals will work with you to determine the best fillers for your needs, as well as which areas of your face can be treated based on the fillers we offer.

If you are interested in either Volbella or Voluma for rejuvenating your skin, or if you would like to the learn about the other injectables we offer, the professionals at Nuvo Aesthetics in Fulton would be more than happy to discuss your options with you. Contact us today!