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Hair Removal is Gentle and Effective

Cynosure Elite +

The Cynosure Elite + is a laser system which is used to safely and efficiently treat skin conditions. It is used for laser hair removal and spider vein treatment in addition to its newest application of facial and neck skin tightening.  It is ideal for larger areas because it is so fast and easy due to the dual wavelength hair removal laser which can cover larger spots at one time.

The laser will penetrate the hair follicles and destroys it while preserving the skin around it. The Cynosure Elite + is excellent on all skin types and it is the most effective on darker skin types that are prone to hyper pigmented lesions and areas. The Cynosure Elite + lasers have the cryogen cooling system which will protect the skin during the treatment in reference to preserving the skin. This hair removal system is not gender specific as men with pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) can have the hair removal treatment done as to counteract the side effects of shaving.

How does it work?

Through a handheld device, the practitioner will deliver the laser energy onto the area of treatment.  The laser delivers an intense beam of light which will be absorbed by the skin and converted to heat which is then absorbed by cells surrounding the hair follicles that aid in the process of destroying it. The pain in is diminished through the cryogenic cooling burst right before the laser pulse which effectively ensures that the procedure is as pleasant as possible. Post treatment, there may be some minor redness post treatment which isn’t uncomfortable.

What to do now that you have the information?

Come in for a consultation at NuVo Aesthetics in your local area and see when you can book your first appointment. Any questions you have will be answered by our trained and certified staff. You will receive information for pre and post treatment procedures and depending on your skin type and hair type, information on how many sessions it will take for the hair free, spider vein free, bump free, even toned skin you have always wanted.

Have unwanted hair on your face, back, shoulders, under arms, legs or bikini area? IPL Hair Removal may be the perfect solution for you. It targets a larger, more superficial area than laser hair removal, and typically is less expensive and causes less discomfort.  IPL works by focusing highly concentrated light onto hair follicles.  Once the follicle absorbs the light, it loses much of its ability to grow and regenerate hair. Each pulse takes just a fraction of a second, and can treat many hairs at the same time.

These pulses target dark, coarse hair, and leave the surrounding skin undamaged. NuVo professionals have been specially trained in IPL, but you should be aware that there are potential risks, including redness, soreness, burns, hyper-pigmentation and minor irritations.  You should avoid sun exposure before and after your IPL treatment. The number of treatments needed varies; our professionals will advise you on expected results based on your ethnicity, skin color and type, etc.  Some people need treatments for as long as a year, although eight to 10 months is the average.

Elite + is Safe for all Skin Types

A recent article in Women’s Health recommended the Elite + GentleLASE because “it treats a large area at once and at a higher energy, so each appointment takes less time.”  As the name implies, it is a gentle, effective, safe way to eliminates hair growth (although maintenance treatments will still be needed.)  It takes on average six to 12 treatments to see full results.

Elite + Services

Laser spider veins, Broken capillaries, and Laser skin tightening