Micro-Botox For Rosacea, Reducing Pore Size, and Oily Skin


We all want to achieve baby-like smooth skin. However, big pores often stand in the way. Often times, having oily skin can only worsen your pore size. Oily skin and enlarged pores often go hand-in-hand causing your skin to appear greasy and dull. Excess oil production on your skin is not good, especially if you want clearer and smoother skin.

What causes enlarged pores and oily skin?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body thus it needs proper care and attention. However, most people are taking their skin for granted. Having oily skin and enlarged pores can be caused by two uncontrollable factors such as your age and genetics. As you grow older, your skin loses its elasticity, making your pores appear larger. Fluctuating hormone levels will also allow your body to produce more oil than necessary.

How to deal with it

The best way to prevent oily skin and enlarged pores is to have a good skin regimen. You can consider washing your face twice a day to remove the accumulated dirt and oils from the pores. You should also consider using skin creams and wearing sunscreen when you go out to prevent any sun damage to your skin. However, if you are not sure what to use, you can always check with your dermatologist on what product is best for your skin.

What if the oiliness and big pores do not go away?

There are cases in which, no matter how much you have tried to follow a strict skin care regimen but you still can’t have smooth skin. Large pores and oily skin gives you some nightmare and over the counter treatments and products doesn’t seem to help at all. What will you do then? You can consider using Micro Botox.

What is Micro Botox?

Also known as intradermal Botox, Micro Botox is a microneedling treatment infused in the skin cells through open channels. This treatment is used to reduce pore size, combat oily skin and as well as treat rosacea, a common skin disease that causes redness and visible blood vessel in your face. Micro Botox is one of the best ways to treat skin imperfections and achieve a more youthful glow and smoother, “airbrushed” look.

How does Micro Botox works?

Micro Botox works by forcing your sweat glands and sebaceous gland to produce less sweat and oil. As a result, your skin looks tighter, firmer and appears smoother. A diluted Botox solution is infused into your skin cells by using a microneedling technique and is placed superficially so it doesn’t affect your muscle movement. Micro Botox makes it possible to have oil free, smoother and more vibrant looking skin.

Micro Botox treatment takes around thirty minutes and should be performed once a month for 3 consecutive months to get the optimal results. Want to improve your skin? Try Micro Botox today. Schedule an appointment with our skin care experts at Nuvo Aesthetics today, and call 725 – 2209.