PRP For Hair Restoration And Vampire Facial

prp for hair loss

Hair thinning, acne and wrinkles are some of the common problems experienced by many Americans. One in every five individuals in the US experience hair loss and the majority of this population are men. There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss. The most common causes include heredity and side effects of the medications being taken. Hair loss may not be contagious but it has caused so much problem to many individuals today. Wrinkles, on the other hand, are caused by aging and the loss of natural oils in the facial skin.

Fortunately, the beauty industry has been working nonstop to create products that will help us feel beautiful inside and out, which leads to the birth of PRP, or, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. The human body is a very interesting subject; it has the ability to heal itself. With this, medical experts have developed PRP to aid the body and amplify its ability to heal through the use of healthy tissues. Since then PRP has been a constant buzzword in the medical world. It works by promoting hair growth. It has become a popular non-surgical method for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. 

PRP works by using your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth and injects it in the affected area with ultrasound imaging guiding the doctors all throughout the process. Generally, your blood is made up of four components – red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Blood cells will be separated from the plasma and platelets. The PRP is then injected into a person’s skin or scalp – skin for facial purposes or in the scalp for hair regrowth. Individuals who have tried the treatment have noticed considerable reductions in hair falling and thinning. Acne scars have lightened too and the appearance of wrinkles has been minimized.

The procedure may require administering injections for 3 months consecutively and then spread it out for about three to four months –sometimes up to 2 years. The frequency of injection varies from one person to another. The schedule depends on a person’s genetics, the severity of hair loss, age and hormones. Many people are choosing plasma rich platelet therapy because it is effective and basically doesn’t have any side effects, except for mild pressure at the injection site. In fact, many of the world’s renowned athletes and celebrities are using PRP for wound healing and other health benefits.

Feeling and looking beautiful is more than just the physical look. When you believe you are keeping with society’s standards of beauty, you will also feel good about yourself and feel confident. Try PRP for hair restoration and vampire facial today and see its excellent results.