Get rid of sagging skin with radiofrequency

Radio Frequency Tightens and Lifts

Radio Frequency energy penetrates deep into the dermis and sub-dermal layers of the skin (while protecting the epidermis) to tighten and improve the underlying tissues. So, depending on your needs, NuVo may combine radio frequency with other treatments to help:

• Lift your brows and tighten the skin on your forehead
• Tighten and even thicken the delicate skin under your eyes
• Lift your upper cheeks
• Diminish enlarged pores and (slightly) lift your cheeks and mid-face area
• Reduce jowls and sagging along your jaw line
• Tighten skin and diminish neck wrinkles

Our radio frequency treatments are best suited to people with mild to moderate sagging of their neck and face, and are suitable for people of any skin color. Some people experience mild redness immediately following treatment (similar to a sunburn), but this usually disappears quickly. Most of our patients can return to work and normal activities the same day.

VelaShape III

VelaShape uses a combination of powerful infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and result in smoother skin.   These energies combine to deep-heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue.  The result is a smaller circumference and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

With the body contouring power of VelaShape, you see a reduction of one whole dress size after just 1 treatment.  You will begin to notice gradual improvement of the treated area right away as your skin’s surface starts to feel smoother and firmer.