Reiki And Hypnotherapy

reiki and hypnotherapy

The use of hypnotherapy can be dated back as far as ancient times. It was used by shaman, tribal doctors, witchdoctors, fakirs, yogi, magi, and spiritual leaders in putting patients in an “enlightened state” or in “shrine sleep” before the medical procedure. Today, hypnotherapy has been widely used all over the world in a variety of ways and for different purposes. 

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that focuses on concentration to help you create an altered state of consciousness. Generally, it is used to treat physical and psychological condition to effectively alleviate pain, helps anxiety and discomfort. Did you know that hypnotherapy is used for self-improvement? You may have qualities and traits that are hidden or not aware of – something that hypnotherapy can help you. 

Hypnotherapy can also be used to overcome bad habits such as smoking. With the help of hypnotherapy, you can stop doing these habits and you can bring out the best version of yourself. When a person is under hypnosis, he/she is open for discussion and responds better to suggestions. 


Hypnotherapy has different types and one type that includes healing modality and a combination of two powerful therapies is called Reiki.

Reiki therapy is a healing technique originated from Japan which means Rei or the “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki or the “life force energy”. This type of therapy uses the universal life force energy that flows from the therapist body and passes it to the patient through his hands. In doing so, it enhances the natural healing of the body and correct imbalances too. 

Reiki was once surrounded by controversy, but despite this, the therapy has grown in popularity and believed to provide many benefits such as:


  • Alleviates pain, anxiety, and depression
    Reiki creates deep relaxation, allowing your body to let go of all the tension and stress. A study conducted on the use of Reiki therapy in women following caesarian delivery in 2015 showed that pain and anxiety attacks were significantly reduced a day or two after the delivery.


  • Improves one’s outlook in life
    Reiki promotes harmony and balance – specifically mental and emotional balance. It helps you to accept things as they are. According to a study conducted in 2016, women with cancer had improved their quality of life after being introduced to Reiki therapy.


  • Enhances mood
    With this, you will be more aware of what is going on inside your body and mind; which means, you will be more in control of yourself. This also means that you will be more capable of being happy and contented.


  • Manages the symptoms of headache and nausea
    Most of the time, headache and nausea are caused by our mind overworking and overthinking things. The “hands on” techniques of Reiki promote relaxation and healing. As your body and mind relaxes, symptoms of headache and nausea also cease.


  • Promotes sleep
    Reiki helps in relieving stress. It calms your nerves making you feel more at ease. And before you knew it, getting quality sleep is no longer a problem for you.