Reverse the Signs of Sun Damage With a Vi Peel

sun damage

The sun’s rays can have a devastating effect on our skin and damage the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. Fortunately, one of the newest treatment methods Vi Peel and this type of therapy can actually reverse the damage. A look at the Vi Peel experience reveals why patients are choosing this as their preferred method of anti-aging therapy.

The Benefits of Vi Peel Are Many

The pledge of Vi Peel is that it can reverse sun damage on the skin. It also reverses damage caused by other environmental factors and the passage of time. In fact, the treatment helps to restore the patient’s former youthful beauty to the face. Additionally, the Vi Peel therapy can return the natural youthful appearance to hands and to the neckline.

One might expect this high level of quality to come at a price, but the procedure isn’t painful. For people who are especially sensitive to pain, a slight stinging might be experienced, but even that is eliminated by the use of a fan, during the treatment.

The Vi Peel procedure is as convenient as it is painless and can be done in an afternoon or on your lunch break. In most cases, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes and the patient is free to go right afterwards. Vi Peel requires no skin preparation and no after treatment downtime.

Healing time does take slightly longer, but not nearly as long as other methods might take. The patient has typically completed healing within one week. After that, they can enjoy the look of their smoother, more youthful looking complexion.

Vi Peel Takes a Single Treatment

Some might be wary of Vi Peel, based on experiences with past peels, which were painful and time consuming. While Vi Peel does utilize the strongest and most efficient types of acid, it’s a simple process to endure. It’s also over in a single treatment in most cases.

After that first treatment, much of the damage to the skin has been repaired and the skin has a better, brighter glow. More severe damage, the kind typically caused by pore enlargement, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation, may require multiple sessions. However, even multiple treatments remain painless for the patient, while continuing to provide the same high level of restoration.

Vi Peel is effective on all types of skin and all skin colors, so anyone can experience the benefits of this new form of peeling. This is a first. Previously, people with darker skin types, such as those of African, Asian, or Latin descent, were unable to experience the benefits of peel procedures. That all changes with Vi Peel.

As is the case with any medical procedure, it’s advisable to make sure your physician is an experienced professional, knowledgeable about the Vi Peel procedure. Reversing sun damage has never been more convenient or less painless.