Skin Tightening


When it comes to the Rolls Royce of cutting-edge skin care laser treatments, the Cynosure Elite + is definitely commanding the driver’s seat. Talk about a versatile beauty machine that can perform a number of key improvements in sagging and wrinkle reduction, hair removal, epidermal pigment and vascular issues. Fans rave about the Elite + for delivering long-term results at a cost-saving investment.

Why Is Cynosure Elite + Laser-Unique?

The laser handheld device offers fast, safe, comfortable and effective treatments with its special and powerful dual wavelength system. The technology also promotes an excellent cooling feature for the skin during the procedure. Cynosure has designed its Elite + machine with a large workstation for the practitioner in attending to a diverse patient base. Best of all, the revolutionary beauty machine gives superb results to clients of all skin types.


The Wish For Firmer, More Youthful Skin

Let’s be honest; general aging and damage from the sun’s strong UVA/UVB rays can do a number on our skin. Even celebrities get wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and sagging. Maybe that’s why numerous stars choose Cynosure’s Elite + for the ultimate in skin tightening. They know that Cynosure has developed a brilliant technology with plenty of clinical research that has been proven to work rapidly and reliably.


The Non-Surgical Way To Firm Facial Contours

Wrinkles, spots and pigmentation issues are challenging enough, but when your skin begins showing laxity, your frustration grows. Facial contours that feature sagging is not an easy fix. In other words, a topical skin care cream will not rejuvenate the face and neck completely. You might still notice cheeks that have dropped, loose skin under the eyes and those dreaded jowls along the jawline or a double chin.


The Elite + is one of the beauty industry’s leading solutions for sagging faces, and it doesn’t involve a scalpel or expensive plastic surgery.


A Smoother Texture and Tighter Face And Neck

Cynosure Elite + has been developed to send a robust beam of light directly into the skin. There, it stimulates huge amounts of collagen. Collagen gives great structure to our skin, and when sun damage and general aging occur, collagen can degrade in the deeper layers of the skin. Our faces lose collagen and elasticity, and this causes sagging and wrinkles.

The Elite + laser is very strong but performs by gently penetrating the skin. The outer skin itself is not damaged during the 30-minute treatment. The device firms and tightens the complexion and irons away any wrinkly areas and can also be used effectively on the neck and decollete area.


The results are firmer facial contours with a subtle lift, smoother skin, and a renewed radiance. Skin care experts recommend between three and six Cynosure Elite + laser treatments at two-week intervals for optimal results.